At Walking Pace LIFE

promoting wellbeing, questioning issues

At Walking Pace brings together walking, lo-fi living and being your own person. We want people to be healthier, happier and more secure.

At Walking Pace is a reaction to some of the issues that make life a challenge in the 21st Century. As time has gone by we have become less well, more stressed and less likely to enjoy life. This is despite being materially better off and having technology do much of the traditionally hard work for us.

In fact, it appears that as life has become less challenging physically and intellectually we have ended up more stressed and miserable…not a good state of affairs.

As a long-term walker and generally into ‘doing stuff’ kind of person I started to think about the formula for not just a healthier life but also a happier one, not pretending to be happier but actually enjoying life. Through in-depth investigation and observation I formed an opinion based on three principles: walking in any environment, ‘Lo-Fi living’ (a simpler life with more considered use of tech and more use of human skills and effort) and being secure in your own identity.

This simple guidance is easier said than done however, as our natural inclination is to choose ease over effort and to follow others in terms of forging an identity. Already blogging on how we may be being steered towards more stressful lifestyles, sometimes in seemingly innocent ways I started to think more about how to be truly individual and more content. by considering new perspectives.

In 2020 I wrote ‘At Walking Pace’, a book that celebrates walking: the way that walking has inspired creative thinkers and assisted humanity since evolution, the benefits that walking brings to wellbeing, creativity, work performance and resilience. In a year dominated globally by Covid-19 people everywhere took to walking in droves. ‘At Walking Pace’ aims to inform and continue to inspire these new walkers as well as existing ones.

The book was followed by a podcast. This showcase walking (and the interesting and dynamic people one meets out walking), Lo-Fi living and an injection of wit and humour. Listening to others leads to better understanding, tolerance and entertainment—all things we can definitely do with at present! I hope life At Walking Pace is something that you embrace.