At Walking Pace Podcast

promoting wellbeing, questioning issues

About the show

This is a podcast about living at a more human-pace and in a way that supports curiosity, adventure and self-expression. We talk about walking but so much more: good old-fashioned human skills, the art of conversation and the magic of people with character. At Walking Pace gives you lots to think about in terms of society and individual wellbeing.

At Walking Pace

Walking observations, information and friends

Lo-Fi Living

Considered use of tech and more back to basics 

Wise up to...

Thinking about what is going on in society and how this affects us

On the show

Nyla is a writer and podcaster. She is the author of ‘At Walking Pace’ and ‘Digital Downsize’ and the main presenter of the podcast. Defying most stereotypes, her key interest lies in encouraging people to understand how to live better using logic, a little humour and a strong belief in welcoming a diversity of opinions. Nyla is joined by a variety of guests and a regular At Walking Pacer, David.

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